Professional & personalized:

S.J.L. Diesel is dedicated to solving your problems across all systems and components of your equipment. Our mobile service unit will allow you to redirect your resources where they matter. We’re here for you !

Diagnostic on heavy vehicles and diesel machinery

For all types of machinery and heavy trucks, S.J.L. Diesel is here to act.

We have the expertise to diagnose breakdowns: electrical, electronic, injection, ABS, ECM, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. With S.J.L. Diesel, you can be sure of getting transparent and fair service.

ECM reprogramming

With the help of our partner Diesel Spec Inc, S.J.L. Diesel offers the ECM reprogramming service for heavy vehicles and heavy machinery. Our mobile service unit will allow you to optimize your resources where they are effective in your sphere of activity.

For fuel economy and superior performance, we’re here!

The brands covered by our services are: Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit, Mercedes, International, Paccar & Isuzu.

Manufacture and repair steel, stainless steel, aluminum and performance project

We will use TIG welding to produce high quality welds, clean welds, on most materials like steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Where precision and quality are essential!

TIG welding

TIG welding is mainly used for jobs where the materials to be welded are thin and / or where the aesthetics of the final product are to be considered. Ideal for aluminum and stainless steel work.